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The Bartholdi Fountain

In 1932, the fountain was moved from the Mall to its current location south of the U.S. Botanic Garden Conservatory.

rchitect of the Capitol

The Bartholdi Fountain

A Capitol Growth Spurt

Across America, the 1930s was the era of the Great Depression. On Capitol Hill, it was a decade of rapid expansion. While the Capitol itself remained largely unchanged, the surrounding campus was transformed. Six major building projects greatly expanded Capitol Hill’s facilities.

The construction reflected the growing role and size of the federal government. Projects included: the Supreme Court Building (1929-1935); Longworth House Office Building (1929-1933); Rare Book Room Addition for the Library of Congress’s Thomas Jefferson Building (1929-1933); First Street Addition to the Russell Senate Office Building (1931-1933); New Botanic Garden Conservatory (1932-1933); and the John Adams Building for the Library of Congress (1933-1938).