VOTE! Program



Let your students experience what it’s like to be a member of Congress. Sign up for the VOTE! Program.

VOTE! is a quick, 20-30 minute pre- or post-Capitol Tour program designed for middle and high school students. Your students will: 

  • Examine both sides of an issue
  • Take a stand 
  • VOTE! 
  • And then discuss the impact with classmates

Both options are based on legislation actually considered and voted on in Congress. You’ll learn the real outcome at the end of the program. 

Choose one 

  1. Vote on Environmental Legislation

    A growing city needs a new water source. The easiest and cheapest source is a river on federal land in a national park. Should the city be allowed to dam the river and use the water for its citizens? Or, should the valley remain protected for the use and enjoyment of all Americans? How would you vote?
  2. Vote on Cultural Legislation

    A wealthy English chemist and mineralogist dies suddenly without an heir to inherit his fortune. He left his estate to the United States of America to further education. His wishes are vague, only that the funds must go to the “establishment of an institution for the increase and diffusion of knowledge.” Uncertain at first, Congress ultimately decided to accept this money. But, the question remains: “How should the United States spend these funds?” How would you vote?

The VOTE! program meets the National Council for the Social Studies’ curriculum standards and adds another educational element to your students’ visit to the Capitol. VOTE! is recommended for students in 6th grade and above. More details about the program, curriculum connections and arrival procedures will be emailed after booking. For more information, please email: